RibbonWick: Medium Oval Brownstone Collection - Scented Candle

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MEDIUM OVAL BROWNSTONE RibbonWick Scented Candle Dimensions are 7.5" x 4" x 3.75" H. Estimated burn time 60 hours. Approximate wax fill 25 ounces. RibbonWick's Brownstone Collection features a black-bronzed finish that gives the collection a sophisticated elegance and natural design. The Brownstone Collection has an aromatic Amber Scent with notes of Citrus and Bronzed Musk. RibbonWick has reinvented candlelight with a new patent-pending, flowing wick design unlike anything you've ever seen. Watch as the hypnotic flame dances across a pool of highly scented wax, creating a unique Ambiance and Radiant Light no other candle can match.

  • Size: Medium Oval Bronstone Collection - 24.7oz
  • Exclusive RibbonWick Creates a Hypnotic Flame
  • Sophsticated & Elegant Design
  • Signature Brownstone Collection Scent
  • Container Is Reusable!