Eden Foods Organic Sauerkraut, 18 OZ

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Eden Foods - Organic Sauerkraut Kimchi - 18 oz. (510g) Eden Foods Organic Sauerkraut Kimchi is authentic organic, exceptional sauerkraut that is grown, fermented, and packed by a single family - the Hirzels. Sweet cabbage is hand harvested, cored, shredded, and lactic acid fermented with Eden Sea Salt for at least six weeks. After fermentation all organic onion, shallot, and green onion (scallions), together with all organic herbs and spices are added for a mellow richness. Over ninety years of experience, traditional methods, and one family's care from field to jar, give Eden Sauerkraut Kimchi great value and sought after character. A centuries old health food. No additives or preservatives of any kind. In glass jars. Frequently Asked Questions: Does Eden use any chemical additives, preservatives, or chemical or Genetically Engineered derived 'processing aides' in any of its foods? No. They choose not to and make sure all ingredients are natural too. Are any Eden Foods or ingredients subjected to food irradiation? No Eden foods or ingredients are ever irradiated. Eden banned irradiated food on August 13, 1988. Are all Eden Foods certified organic? Approximately 80 percent of Eden Foods are double certified organic, both by USDA NOP certifiers and by their Chairman and president. Some Japanese Imported and Macrobiotic specialty products, as well as olive oil, are not certified organic, even though they are grown and processed in the traditional manner and are the finest they can source. What percentage of Eden Foods are United States and North American grown? Approximately 75 percent of Eden Foods are organically grown on more than 360 family farms of North America with over 80,000 acres of vibrant farmland, and growing every year. Do any Eden Foods contain dairy derivatives, eggs, gelatin, or animal by products? None of their foods contain dairy derivatives, eggs, gelatin, or animal derived by-products. Their teabags are

  • EDEN Sauerkraut is made of sweet cabbage from rich organic soil, tended, harvested, and fermented.
  • Over nine decades of experience, traditional methods, and one family's care from seedling, to field, to jar give EDEN Sauerkraut sought after character and beneficial qualities.
  • Superb benefits, delicious flavor, and fine crispy texture of pure and purifying organic EDEN Sauerkraut is a joy. Use on sandwiches, in salads, vegetable dishes, soups and stews, or casseroles.