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Eden Foods Buckwheat Soba Pasta - 8 oz.
Eden Foods Buckwheat Soba Pasta - 8 oz.
Eden 100% Buckwheat Soba is a rich and warming food, made in Japan using ancient, traditional methods. It is a delicious and convenient way to enjoy the flavor and exceptional health benefit of buckwheat. Soba is Japanese for buckwheat. In Japan, 100 Percent Buckwheat Soba is called 'kiko uchi' meaning 'pure soba'. Whole buckwheat is small batch stone ground into flour then added to a slow moving mixer with pure water to form dough that ensures the best texture and flavor. A series of rollers gradually presses the dough into thin sheets. Another roller cuts the sheets of dough into long strands that are hung on poles in a drying room with fans and allowed to dry for about 40 hours. The noodles are hand cut to length and allowed to finish air drying before packaging. Buckwheat's protein is superior to that of many cereal grains, providing all amino acids including the essential ones. Buckwheat is Nature's best source of rutin, a beneficial vitamin C complex flavonoid. Cooked soba is delicious wrapped in toasted nori to make noodle sushi.Features include: •Rich and warming food•Hand cut and air dried noodles•Protein and essential amino acids•Vitamin C and other health benefits•Used to make sushi and other tasty dishes

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