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  • Tyler Glamorous Sachets - Dryer Sheets
  • Y OF THE VALLEY - Delightful light floral fragrance. LOVE SPELL - A romantic blend of pomegranate, apple, peach and spices. LUCKILY - A Lucky Perfume Type fragrance. MAHARAJAH - An Indian delight, a base of lavender, combined with rosemary, cedar, sandalwood, cinnamon and clove. MANGOSTEEN - Fresh mango with fruity notes of peach and fig accented with sparkling citrus notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit then blended with sweet jasmine, lilac, honey rose and floral lavender on a green leafy, slightly woody and musk bottom notes. Naturals: Lemon, Lime, Lavender. MEDITERRANEAN FIG - A ripened fig & citrus with a touch of peach, apricot, sweet florals and hints of coconut with green, fruity notes. MELON COOLER - Incredibly fresh medley of sweet fruity melons highlighted with ozonic floral notes and light musk. MIDNIGHT RAIN - Crisp, clean, and slightly green aroma of an evening rain will enchant and calm. MIDNIGHT ROSE - Imagine an enchanting rose garden on a still Summer's Eve. MIDSUMMER NIGHT YANKEE TYPE - An intriguing sweet flowery, spicy combination with n