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Mary, Mother of Christ.......... 5
Mary, Mother of Christ.......... 5
  • Part of the 5" Collection
  • Made In Italy
  • Produced from a special polymer that will not chip or break
  • Includes story card explaining that characters place in Bethelem
  • The first Nativity was enacted in an Italian village in the 13th Century. The House of Fontanini has continues the tradition by creating the magnificent Heirloom Nativities, enlisting Northern Italy's finest artisans. Since 1908, the House of Fontanini has created magnificent old-world sculptures treased by collectors and revered by worshippers all over the world.Today, Emanuele, Luca, Marco, and Stefano Fontanini are the forth generation to leat the celebrated House of Fontanini in the village of Bagni di Lucca, Italy, where it was founded over a century ago. For many years, the Fontanini Heirloom Nativity has been sought-after and prized for its lifelike sculpting, meticulous hand painting and attention to detail.