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    Thai Natural Crystal Deodorant products are all - natural aluminum chlorohydrae free, paraben free and fragrance free. Thai deodorant is a pure - natural - crystal deodorant stone product. Deodorant Stones Of America has been providing the best deodorant sticks, deodorant spray, deodorant roll on and the best service within this industry for the past 19 years. UPC: 091639800482 Front Label Panel: Amazing! Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone Hypoallergenic • Eliminates Odor • Unscented • Non-Staining 3.5Oz. Instructions: Easy To Use...Just Moisten The Stone And Apply To Your Body As You Would Any Other Type Of Roll-On Product. Cover The Entire Area Generously. The Stone Works By Eliminating Bacteria Growth Which Is The Cause Of Body Odor. So By Eliminating This Bacteria We Have Eliminated Unpleasant Body Odors. Works Great For Foot Odor Problems Too!! Ingredients: Ingredients: Mineral Salts No Aluminum Chlorhydrate Product Of Thailand Supplemental Facts: The Deodorant Stone...Is The Most Effective Body Deodorant Known To Man. The Stone Is 100% Pure And Is Completely Free Of All Additives And Harmful Chemicals. The Deodorant Stone Is A Product For Men, Women And Teens Who Care About Their Health And Bodies.