Thai Deodorant Deod Stone Sngle

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Deodorant Stone, Large, all natural agent that helps neutralize unpleasant body odors, inhibits bacterial formation and perspiration. From the mystique of the Far East, from the land of The King and I, comes the finest, purest, and most natural deodorant The Thai Deodorant Stone. For centuries, people from this beautiful and far away land have been using this pure and natural mineral as a body deodorant to help rid themselves of all body odors and keep as fresh as the ocean breeze. Now we are happy to introduce this outstanding product that can be used by the entire family - - The Thai Deodorant Stone. The Thai Deodorant Stone is made from natural minerals and is completely free of perfumes, propellants and harmful chemicals. The Thai Deodorant Stone is the most convenient, effective and economical deodorant that you'll ever use. (Try it on your feet also - - it works miracles!) The Thai Deodorant Stone is recommended for the entire family and will not stain clothing, and is safe for all skin types. One stone used daily by one person can last up to one year. Due to their natural quality, stones will vary in weight, shape, color and size.