Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Dip Dipping, Starter Kit

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Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Nail Color Dip System is the new way to give salon and spa clients up to 14 days of professional nail color with the wear-ability of a gel and the durability of an acrylic. This odor-free system utilizes specially formulated resins, state-of-the-art activator and finely milled, highly pigmented powders that create a super vibrant set of nail color with an unbeatable high-gloss shine. Benefits of Powder Polish Nail Color Dip System Easy-to-Use Zero Drying Time Up to 14 Days of Wear ability Odorless High-Gloss Shine Lightweight Easy Removal Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Nail Color Dip System Starter Dipping Kit includes: - Powder Polish .5 oz. each: Passionate Pink French Pink Clear White Silver with Silver Mica - Treatments .5 oz. each: Step 1 - Nail Primer Step 2 & 4 - Nail Base & Top Gel Step 3- Layering Gel Dip Step 5 - Gel Activator Step 6 - Brush Cleaner Step 7 - Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil - 3 Dipping Trays

  • Zero Drying Time
  • Easy Removal
  • Made in United States