Yankee Candle Botanical Garden Trilogy - Lilac, Rose, Honeysuckle

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Lilac - Colorful bursts of garden lilac fill the afternoon air with their familiar, lively aroma. Rose - Delicate pink roses crown a stunning bouquet of gardenia flowers and primrose. Honeysuckle - Cascading branches of soft orange and yellow honeysuckle with gentle accents of jasmine. About Woodwick Trilogy Ellipse Candles with Hearthwick Flame: Woodwick Trilogy Collection offers fragrance combinations, each creating its own, unique experience as the layers melt together! WoodWick Ellipse Candles with Hearthwick Flame are now available in select Woodwick Trilogy fragrances. Experience the cozy comfort of a glowing fireplace anywhere in your home. The soothing crackle and long, dancing flame of WoodWick Ellipse Candles with Hearthwick Flame allows you to relive fond memories or create new ones in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. So enjoy more than just a candle, because home is where the HEARTH is. (7.5" x 4.75" x 3.63").

  • Carefully selected and tested to ensure candle fills the room with its long-lasting scent.
  • Ellipse shape creates a wider opening for a fully melted wax pool that produces a more consistent fragrance experience.
  • The wick of our Hearthwick flame candles creates a long, beautiful dancing flame for fireplace-like ambiance. Exclusive, patented wooden wick design.