Woodwick Wax Melt 3 Oz. - Fireside

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Fireside fragrance balances the natural scents of amber, vetiver and musk to perfectly capture the essence of a cozy evening by a warm fire. Woodwick Wax Melts 3 Oz. is packaged in the iconic WoodWick Hourglass shape. They are 3 ounces and features easily breakable squares perfect for any standard tart burner. Sit back & relax with the warm comforting aroma.

  • Our Signature Fragrance Balances The Natural Scents of Amber, Vetimer, and Musk To Perfectly Capture The Essence Of a Cozy Evening By a Warm Fire
  • Iconic WoodWick Hourglass Shape
  • Easily Breakable Squares
  • Perfect For Any Standard Fragrance Warmer