Palladio Wet and Dry Foundation #RIC405 Neroli Bronze

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The best powder made for the makeup artist and the sophisticate. Use Wet for maximum, all day coverage, and Dry for a flawless light cover. Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acids help eliminate fine lines. Hyaluronic acids provide elasticity to skin, and Zinc Oxide prevents skin breakouts. Also enriched with 5 beneficial Herbs: Ginseng, Green Tea, Gingko Biloba, Chamomile and Aloe Vera. How to use:Use it wet or dry with the sponge provided. Apply dry if you want a natural and smooth look. Wet if you want maximum, all day coverage. Use water or your favorite moisturizer if you have normal to dry-flaky skin. Apply all over face and neck area. If color shows when applied, you will need to choose a different shade. Always apply less to start, you can always add more to fully cover.