ShiKai Tea Tree Shampoo, 12 Ounce

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  • Refreshes and wakes up your senses with peppermint and tea tree
  • Plant based, low detergent, naturally pH balanced, extra gentle and leave incredible shine and manageability
  • A blend of aloe vera and panthenol provides extra moisturizing and conditioning

ShiKai began in 1970. With a vision, hard work, and determination, it's grown into the company it is today. Dr. Dennis Sepp, an organic and medicinal chemist, began exploring the unique properties of certain plants and their benefits for hair and skin. His first studies were done with shikakai, a plant which grows in India and is well known for it's ability to clean hair, leave it silky, soft and shiny, and not dry the hair or scalp. The result was a shampoo which was an immediate hit with friends, family, and local health food stores. Thus, in 1970, the original ShiKai shampoo was created and a new company formed. Today ShiKai has more than 50 products which are made, start to finish, at the ShiKai facilities in Santa Rosa. Dr. Sepp continues to oversee the formulation and manufacture of all items.