Liquid Permanent Hair Color #050 Cooling Violet

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  • The use of Wella Color Charm Additives gives you even greater control of your final color result by opening up almost limitless possibilities.
  • Infuses the hair with vibrant color molecules
  • Reduces unwanted warm tones
  • Comes in liquid form for quick and easy bottle applications
  • Excellent gray coverage

The Cooling Violet Additive can be added to any existing Wella Color Charm shade to reduce unwanted warm tones. This is ideal if your clients hair has a high degree of natural warm tone (underlying pigment), or if you want to create a more matte type of result. Tip: When working with darker shade selections,use more Cooling Violet Additive to achieve more noticeable results. Lighter-shade selections will normally require less Cooling Violet Additive to achieve your desired result.