Ziploc 20 Count QT Slider Stor Bag

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  • 20 Count
  • Size: Quart / Medium
  • Slider closure makes these bags easy to close, easy to open.
  • Expandable bottom makes the bag easier to stand and fill.
  • Filled bags stand side by side in most refrigerators, freezers and pantries.
  • For Food Storage

    Slider Storage Bag, Quart Size is made for food storage and for keeping food fresh for long. The bags are made with lightweight material that makes it easy to carry anywhere. The bag allows ventilation to help reduce the odors from food scraps. The dual action of the bag makes it more user-friendly.

    • Keeps food fresh
    • Ergonomically designed
    • Natural composition

    Slider Storage Bag, Quart Size are useful for storing food in the refrigerator and for carrying eatables when you are on the move.

    Just For You: All types of foodstuffs

    A Closer Look: Slider Storage Bag, Quart Size are made from wind power and 25 percent less plastic. The bags are made to keep food fresh for long and they are easy to dispose.

    You Won't Find: Toxic chemicals

    Get Started: Place bag on a microwavable dish. Open the zip but do not overheat.