Junior Varsity Naturals Boys Unscented Kids Deodorant

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  • Gentle and Effective
  • NO Aluminum Chlorohydrate
  • NOPropylene Glycol
  • NO Parabens
  • Goes on clear

Boys Unscented Junior Varsity Naturals Deodorant 2.25 oz. Junior Varsity Natural's kids deodorant has answered the clamoring need for a safe and very gentle deodorant for kids. Junior Varsity Naturals brand deodorant was created by Varsity Naturals. This is an all natural product developed for active children and adults of any age. You won't find any harsh or potentially dangerous chemicals in our deodorant such as Aluminum Chlorohydrate (may be linked with Alzheimer's Disease), Paraben's (may be linked with breast cancer), Propylene Glycol (ingredient commonly used in manufacturing antifreeze) .Instead we produce an all natural antibacterial deodorant derived from only natural sources that are gentle and effective. Our kids deodorant is simple, natural, safe and effective. Our natural deodorant goes on clear and will not leave any white residue. It is strong enough to keep individuals with even the most active life styles feeling fresh and odor free all day!