Little Twig Baby Wash: Extra Mild Unscented - 17 oz

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Little Twig Baby Wash: Extra Mild Unscented Little Twig Baby Wash is made from mild botanical extracts and combined with gentle conditioners for silky skin and downy soft hair. It contains unscented aloe vera, jojoba and vitamin E which are ideal for a baby's sensitive skin. Use the convenient pump bottle to nurture baby from head to toe. Why You'll Love It: Babies love bathing and bubbles and this unscented baby wash adds fun to their bathing, leaving their skin soft and silky smooth. Features No artificial colors Hypoallergenic Can be used head to toe No synthetic fragrances Nut, soy and wheat-free Sulfate-free, paraben-free Pediatrician tested Non-irritating Made with organic ingredientsGreat for newborns